A romantic Stay at Kviknes Hotel

When two people want to enjoy time together, and need a little peace and tranquillity…

It’s something to do with the atmosphere; it does something to you. Your shoulders relax, your pulse evens out and things fall into place. There is always something beautiful to rest your eyes on, whether it is man-made like the majestic timber-built hotel itself, the National Romantic art that adorns the walls, or the true original: the nature, the mountains and the ever-changing sky. If you want to surprise your loved one, check out our Romantic Weekend package here.

But stunning views and atmosphere aren’t enough on their own. The food is an important part of your stay, and at Kviknes the emphasis is on sensual experiences that create positive memories for life. The kitchen is international, both in terms of staff and menus.

Wherever possible we use locally sourced foods. At the same time, the chef bases his menus on the freshest ingredients, with the Sognefjord providing an outstanding natural pantry.

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