Guided hike to Keipen!

Foto: Falkeblikk AS

Foto: Falkeblikk AS

Guided tour with spectacular view over the Sognefjord, mountains and fjord village Balestrand. 

Experienced guides bring you from fjord-level to the top of the fjords!


About the hike

You will be guided by experienced guides.  Make sure you are properly dressed for a day in the mountains and wear hiking shoes.  Bring warm clothing(this includes a hat and gloves), food and something to drink for a one day hike. 

To make sure everyone get the full experience, we allow a maximum of 8 persons per hike per guide.  The hike is 12-14 km. long with an altitude of nearly 1.500 m.  It’s a long and physically demanding hike, but you will be rewarded with a spectacular view over the Sognefjord!

Departure from Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand at 09:00 AM the day of the hike.  The hike will last for 7-9 hours.

Departure: Wednesdays and Saturdays from 27th July – 27th August at 09:00 AM

Meeting/information: at Kviknes Hotel, Balestrand at 21:00 PM the day before hiking

If you have any questions please contact Norgesguidene. Email: / +47 920 54 057.