Top three short-distance hiking trails in Balestrand

You don’t have do long hikes to find a fantastic view. 

Balestrand is a gem on the shores of Sognefjord, surrounded by the beautiful Esefjella mountains. This little place has been the preferred haven of emperors and kings, artists and photographers. Paintings of the mountain range hang in the Norwegian Royal Palace and in the National Gallery, and it is the mountain range most depicted in Western Norway. 

You don’t have to be a hiker to enjoy the mountains. Balestrand has numerous short hikes suitable for people not used to hiking in the mountains and who do not have an entire day at their disposal or want a child-friendly trip.

1. Kreklingen Nature Trail

This is a fine round trip of a few kilometers. It can easily be done as a long or short hike. Along the way, information is posted for both children and adults about the flora and fauna in the area. The highest summit at 250 MASL provides a fine view of Balestrand. This trip can be done in between two and four hours, depending on your physical condition and which route you take.

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2. Buråsi (towards Raudmelen) 

Buråsi is a part of the uphill race, Balestrand Opp, and makes for a fine hike that most people can accomplish. It is somewhat steep, but not too long. The trip takes two to three hours, using the same road for the ascent and descent. At the summit, there is a fantastic view of Sognefjord and the Esefjella mountains.

The hike starts at Belehalli, at the same place as the marked nature trails. Select the red trail towards Raudmelen. After a relatively steep incline, you can stop at Orrabenken at 370 MASL, and enjoy the view. After Orrabenken, follow the trail up to Buråsi. Here, you are at 575 MASL, and there is a good view of Balestrand and Sognefjord. If you prefer a longer hike, continue up towards Raudmelen (972 MASL). The view becomes more magical the higher you climb.

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3. Fossestien

Fossestien is a hiking trail on Gaularfjellet that takes you past 14 waterfalls and seven mountain lakes. The trip has several starting points and can be adapted to your preferences. You must drive about an hour from Balestrand, but in return you have a spectacular landscape in which to explore and take trips. The terrain is fine and friendly, rich in animal and bird life; a cultural landscape with active agriculture. It is an easy hike that suits most people.

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