Top three long-distance hiking trails in Balestrand

The high mountains reward you with unbelievable views.

Balestrand is a gem on the shores of Sognefjord, surrounded by the beautiful Esefjella mountains. This little place has been the preferred haven of emperors and kings, artists and photographers. Paintings of the mountain range hang in the Norwegian Royal Palace and in the National Gallery, and it is the mountain range most depicted in Western Norway.

Majestic mountains offer experiences and trips that allow you to trek from sea level to well over 1000 MASL. These trips require that you are familiar with hiking in the mountains and are prepared to be out for the entire day.

1. Vindreken (1273 MASL)

Vindreken is perhaps the most spectacular mountain in Balestrand. The hike is well marked and starts from Ese in Balestrand; it is also the steepest marked trip in Balestrand. Nevertheless it is a safe hiking trip.

The foremost mountaintop towers 1259 meters above sea level. Onwards, you pass several cairns before you reach the furthest summit at 1273 MASL. Here, there is a fantastic panorama out across a mountain wilderness and the fjord arms around Balestrand. The hike takes seven or eight hours, according to the hikers’ physical shape and tempo. This trip should be avoided in bad weather.

Read more about the hike (in Norwegian)

2. Saurdal–Balestrand (1136 MASL)


The route goes high above Sognefjord and offers a fantastic view in all directions.

Start at the end of the road by the Saurdal ski arena, just 14 km from Kviknes Hotel. Drive seven km towards Høyanger before turning off towards Saurdal. The trail runs through mountain valleys, watercourses and to mountain tops. The entire route is well marked with red stakes. From the summit, you descend the same way and then head northeast to Raudmelen. From here, the trail goes along the ridge all the way down to Balestrand. This is a descent of about seven hours, and you can order transportation back to your starting point.

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3. Tjuatoten (1098 MASL)


Tjuatoten is a summit that provides a fantastic view of Sognefjord, out towards Stølsheim and inwards towards Fjærland and Leikanger. It is nothing less than breathtakingly spectacular.

The hike starts at Dragsvik, just nine km from Kviknes Hotel, and is a relatively difficult, demanding trip. The ascent will be rewarded by an utterly fantastic view, and there is an old solar cross on the summit plateau. You can get to Dragsvik from Balestrand by bus, boat, and car or on foot. We can help you to organize transport if you wish. The hike is about seven hours long.

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