Take a different journey to Balestrand

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Take a ferry to Sogn! Savor Sognefjord along the way and stay at the historic Kviknes Hotel.

The ferry from Bergen to Balestrand makes a perfect trip. You come close to the archipelago north of Bergen, with all the small islands and skerries, before entering Sognefjord to experience majestic mountains that shoot up from the fjord.

“Sognefjord makes an attractive journey by ferry, full of contrasts. Most of the landscape has not changed since the Vikings hoisted their sails here, and for a large part of the year white mountain tops will dominate the horizon. Stop along the way to get a taste of the cozy rural communities,” says Egil Søndenå at Norled.

Statue of King Olav V

The journey takes about four hours and can be used as a social occasion or for work. Bring the company along for a gathering in Balestrand. They will enjoy beautiful landscapes and a different way to travel if they take the fast ferry.

When passing Skjærhamn near the entrance to Sognefjord, you can see the much-discussed statue of King Olav V (unveiled in 2007). As you cross Sognefjord, you will see Lihesten, a characteristic mountain, which is clearly visible. On the way into the fjord, you pass Brekke on the south side of the fjord; a small place where it rains even more than in Bergen!

Approaching Balestrand, you will see the mountain that has been portrayed by the most artists in Norway: Vindreken. In the foreground is Kviknes Hotel, a family-owned establishment that is a member of De Historiske Hotel – historic hotels & restaurants. The hotel has stories that will astonish you – just ask Sigurd Kvikne!

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Extended season in 2018

This year, the summer schedule starts on April 16th, two weeks earlier than last year, and ends on October 14th. The summer schedule has two departures every day, which enable a good use of days in Sogn, even for a stay of only one night.

“Travel from Bergen in the morning and be served lunch when you arrive at Kviknes Hotel. Go for a hike after lunch and enjoy a good dinner here in the evening. Next day you enjoy some of Balestrand’s attractions, for example Utsikten, the viewpoint on Gaularfjell and St. Olaf’s Church, built in 1897 as a stave church in the revival style, and return to Bergen with the ferry that leaves around dinnertime. You will arrive in Bergen before 9 pm,” says Kjetil Nesse, Sales Manager at Kviknes Hotel.

“It’s a perfect trip for those who want to make the most of a short stay in Sogn,” he adds.

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