Dares not take the Sognefjord Sandwich off the menu

The Sognefjord Sandwich presented by the Chef.

The Sognefjord Sandwich presented by the Chef.

This sandwich has become so popular that the Chef doesn’t dare to take it off the menu.

“It’s like a juicy club sandwich, with crayfish from the fjord and local ingredients from Balestrand,” says Sigurd Kvikne, the hotel’s General Manager.

He’s the one who came up with the idea. On a trip to Berlin, he was served a lobster sandwich at a well-known hotel. He came home and gave the Chef clear instructions: they must make their own sandwich with a local twist, because this sandwich was incredibly good.

“The crayfish in the fjord here are excellent. They are fished in Solvorn and some in Fjærlandsfjord. Less than two hours after they are caught, I have them here in the kitchen. Crayfish just don’t come any fresher,” says Alfred Kerschbaumer, Kviknes Hotel’s Chef.

Several hundred sandwiches are sold each year

So the crayfish from Sognefjord are used together with ramson gathered by the local women’s club in Vetlefjord to make the sandwich. With lettuce and red onion, the sandwich is so delicious and unique that the hotel in Balestrand is becoming known for it.

“We make several hundred of these every year. The sandwich is extremely popular – so popular that we dare not take it off the menu,” says Kerschbaumer.

Local Food

Kviknes Hotel focuses on local food, and wants to use all it can get from farmers and food producers nearby. All berries and fruits, among others plums, raspberries and blueberries, are from Balestrand and Leikanger. Smoked salmon comes from Balestrand. Monkfish and halibut come from local fishermen, beef and veal from local farmers and mushrooms from the woods. The season decides what is available.

“We want to offer tourists who come here Norwegian food from Norway. Besides, Norwegian ingredients are of such an extremely high quality,” says the Chef who first came to Norway from Austria in 1992.

The Summer Menu

Every month throughout the summer, Kviknes Hotel serves a new four course dinner using local, seasonal ingredients. Fish and shellfish are given prominence. And Sigurd Kvikne, who is passionately interested in wines, recommends the best.

“In summertime, a lot of extremely good white wines are drunk, most from France and I usually recommend a good burgundy for seafood with a lot of flavor. We have our own house wine, with a picture of the hotel on the label,” says Kvikne.