Come enjoy wine tasting at Sognefjord’s best wine cellar


When Sigurd Kvikne was criticized for the poor selection of wines at Kviknes Hotel, he signed up for a course – and became passionately interested in wine.

That is how Sigurd Kvikne describes it himself: how Kviknes Hotel has acquired such a desirable wine list. Today, tourists come from all over the world to taste the specially imported wines paired with exciting local dishes.

“It is not just about the wine. It is the combination of wine paired with food that makes it so much fun; how a wine can taste so differently together with food,” says Kvikne, the general manager of Kviknes Hotel.

Among the comments he overheard today was: “Wow! is it really possible to have such an excellent wine list here in Norway?” And helicopters have been known to land just outside the hotel, dropping off guests who have come to taste the wines on offer.

Criticized by colleagues

Kviknes Hotel is a pearl alongside Sognefjord. The family-run hotel in Balestrand has always been known for its excellent cuisine, based on local ingredients. But previously, the wine selection was limited to ‘red’ or ‘white’.

“I had a colleague who was indignant that with such an excellent, locally-sourced cuisine we had such a lugubrious wine list. This would not do. When we were at a sales convention in London, he took me to a restaurant and gave me an introduction to how good wine should taste. It was an ah-ha moment for me,” says Kvikne.

Kvikne from Balestrand wanted to learn more and signed up for a course in sommelier training in Stavanger. With numerous trips to different wine districts he has accumulated a lot of experience. Today, wine is such a large interest that he prefers to import wine that is not found in the Norwegian Wine Monopoly’s usual selection.

The joys of wine tasting

Sigurd Kviknes holds wine courses for those who are interested, to share some of his own enthusiasm. And he finds that no matter the target group, people are happy to participate in his courses.

“Participants pick up small, practical things that enhance their tasting abilities and thus the experience: temperatures, serving tips and smell. And then they are so delighted when they drink good wine.”

Join us at Kviknes Hotel

Come visit us and try the wine tasting at Sognefjord’s best wine cellar. You will be able to taste different wines and get a feeling for what matches and what does not. Some basic knowledge of wine is imparted; what grapes suit what food, and a few tips about how you can find the best match for good cuisine.

“Wine preferences are personal. Everyone may have a different experience, but we have a lot of white Burgundy here since it is my favorite district. I also like wine from Tuscany, especially from Pierre Monte. The latest is wine from the USA; a lot of exciting wines are showing up there,” says Kvikne.

Our wine list is Sognefjord’s longest and most interesting. You will find a wine that suits the evening buffet, or our select four-course menu. A total of over 300 wines should be enough to find exactly the one that suits.