Activities at Kviknes Hotel

Want to combine your stay with us with some activities?

Then you have come to the right place. Right outside the door is a range of activities that use the fjord and mountains as an arena. Welcome to an active experience.

Wine tasting in our wine cellar:

The wine list at Kviknes is the most complete and varied in Sogn & Fjordane. Whether you are interested in wine or not, a visit here is a memorable experience. Together with a little snack, you can taste wine from various well-known wine makers all over the world. You might get some new ideas, and certainly some new taste experiences.

Walks in Balestrand's mountains:

The many mountains around Balestrand make a perfect setting for walks. You will find a well-developed network of marked trails a short distance from the hotel. Choose from summit walks some 1,300 metres above sea level, or easy walking routes. If you want to explore by yourself, get a walking map from reception. If you want to go with a guide, this can easily be arranged. The choice is yours.

Fjord rafting on the Sognefjord:

Want an active and high-speed break from the meeting room? Try fjord rafting. Experience possibly the most beautiful part of the Sognefjord at high speed. You can go a long way in a short time, and if there are waves on the fjord it only adds to the experience. We can't guarantee the waves, but we can guarantee wind in your hair and eye-watering speed.

Cultural walk in Balestrand and a visit to Ciderhuset:

Balestrand has a long artistic history, as you may note from a walk along the fjord beside the many "dragon" houses. A visit to St. Olav's Church is included in the walk. A local guide relates the impressive history and, if desired, the walk can include a visit to Ciderhuset. Here the well-known Balholm apple drink is produced, as well as cider, both with and without alcohol. After a long walk, a taste of the product could be welcome, and perhaps a little surprise...

Visit to Finden Farm:

Lars and Laila Finden have built up a restaurant for up to100 guests at Lars' father's farm in the little hamlet of Finden on the south side of the Sognefjord. Lars gets very enthusiastic when explaining what it's like to run a farm and restaurant in a place with no road connection. And of course - the food could not be more local. Fish from the fjord and game from the surrounding mountains both find their way to the table. And it tastes like home made. Finden Farm is about 45 minutes from the hotel by boat. Read more about Finden Farm.

A cycle ride beside the world's most beautiful fjord:

If you would like to see the Sognefjord from on shore, you can hire bicycles from us for groups of up to 35 persons. A wonderful ride in the fresh air through the beauties of nature is the perfect break at the end of a day's meeting. The terrain beside the fjord is gently undulating and will suit most people. And we can guarantee a great experience.

Do you want to know more? Contact Kjetil or Mariann in our sales office.

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