The Høyvik Room - a national romantic treasure

Ivar Høyvik (1881-1961) grew up in Gulen in Outer Sogn. He was a pupil of Magnus Dagestad at Voss. To begin with Høyvik did decorative work for artists who lived in Balestrand, such as Prof. Hans Dahl and Adelsten Normann. In 1905 he came to live in Balestrand with his wife Eli, who was a weaver.

The Høyvik Room represents the life’s work of a unique craftsman. The whole room was furnished by Ivar Høyvik. Tables, chairs, doorways, mirror frames – everything has been made with the same love ofwoodcarving in the dragon style that characterised Høyvik’s work throughout his life.

The tapestry "Brurefylgjet" in the Høyvik Room was made by Astrid Høyvik, Eli and Ivar’s daughter. For Ivar Høyvik the designs in his work always had a meaning, they were to symbolise something. Many of his motifs came from Norse mythology.

The doorway into the lounge is one of Ivar Høyvik’s last works.

Høyvik also made many of the carvings on villas and holiday homes that are such a characteristic of Balestrand.

Høyvik remained active as a woodcarver right up until his death in 1961 at the age of 80.