Artists in Balestrand

At the heart of the hotel’s large collection are the artists for whom Balestrand was a source of inspiration. Artists such as Hans F. Gude, Johannes Flintoe and Hans Dahl were regular guests at the hotel or built themselves houses in the village. We want our guests to be able to enjoy our art collection. A catalogue with information about the artworks and the artists is therefore available to guests.

In many ways, Balestrand was created by the artists who came here around the turn of the century and became inspired by the place and the people. Some set themselves up in Swiss style houses, and the buildings and many of the pictures from that time are an important part of Balestrand's identity today.

The art lives on. Some of the artists are full-time, some less so, while still others pass through to be inspired, just like their predecessors. If you would like to see some of the art, the art society has several exhibitions during the year, the hotel has quite a collection, Sognefjord Aquarium houses the gallery Munken with its unusual images in wood and on the quay there is Det Gyldne Huset.

Solveig Haukås exhibits and sells images in enamels, while Magni Jensen and Geir Hjetland have exhibitions and sales of ceramics, sculpture and installations.

Knut Rumohr(1916-2002)

Kvikne’s Hotel has a comprehensive collection of the work of Knut Rumohr. Rumohr was born at Frønningen on the Sognefjord and, apart from some periods spent in Oslo, he lived in Sogn for his whole life. Rumohr was known as a painter and graphicartist. Today, his sharp, vibrant colours and his individual abstract painting have made him the best known and regarded artist here in Sogn. He is well known throughout Norway and abroad and his works are to be found in many prominent museums and galleries.

Aase Kvikne Bjordal (1921-2009)

Kvikne Bjordal was born and grew up in Balestrand, the daughter of Sigurd and Marta Kvikne, who owned Kviknes Hotel. She was educated at the National College of Art and Design (now the Oslo National Academy of the Arts ) in Oslo, the Art Academy of West Norway in Bergen and the Bergen College of Arts and Crafts. Kvikne Bjordal found her motifs in the old village culture, and her techniques of dry point, aqua tint,etching and silk screen printing suit these motifs well. She completed many decorative commissions and has had many exhibitions.

Roar Kjærnstad

Born in Stange, educated at the Royal Art Academy in Antwerp and possessed of a great love of Balestrand. Works in oils,drawing and printing.