Hiking in Balestrand

The mountains around Balestrand are spectacular! There is a good, varied network of paths that are well marked. Everyone can find a hike to suit them.

The paths also offer viewpoints, benches and picnic sites. You can reach some of the walks from the centre of Balestrand, while others are a short drive away.

Before starting out, it is always a good idea to talk to someone who knows the area, either at the tourist office or here at the hotel. There are good walking maps available and we recommend taking one with you.

Here are just a few recommended walks:

  • The Nature Path 0 - 150 metres above sea level, suits almost everyone. There are information points along the way to tell you about the natural surroundings and the animals that live here.
  • Orrabenken 0 - 370 metres above sea level, climbs to a panoramic view of Balestrand and the Sognefjord, suits most people.
  • Raudmelen 0 - 978 metres above sea level, a relatively hard walk up the mountain behind the centre of Balestrand. You can take a rest at Orrabenken or a little further on at Buråasi (575 metres above sea level), where you can enjoy the view of Esefjella and Esefjord. A large part of central Sogn can be seen from the top.
  • Saurdalen 920 - 650 metres above sea level, is a wonderful starting point for many walks. You can talk a short walk in the valley or a longer walk up into the varied natural surroundings. A full-day walk from Saurdal to Balestrand over Raudmelen is a fantastic trip for those who are in good condition.
  • Tjuatoten 0 - 1,098 metres above sea level, a demanding summit hike, starting in Dragsvik, 9 km from the centre. There is an old ringed cross at the top and the view from up here is fantastic.
  • Fossestien is a walking route from Gaularfjell to Viksdal. It passes 14 large waterfalls, including Likholefossen, and 7 mountain lakes. The hike has a height differential of 500 metres, is suitable for most people and can be started from 4 different places.

More reasons to stay a few days longer: