Kviknes Hotel - Four generations of hospitality

Kviknes Hotel's traditions of hospitality go right back to 1752. The Kvikne family, which owns the hotel today, took over in 1877. Kviknes is a modern hotel with old-world charm and atmosphere and with 190 guest rooms is one of the most traditional hotels in Norway. The hotel is graced with an extensive collection of artworks and antiques, which give it its special style.

The hotel is placed in beautiful Norwegian national romantic scenery. The list of prominent guests is a long one. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was a frequent guest in Balestrand. Royalty, emperors, presidents, prime ministers, film stars and artists from many countries can be found on the guest list.

Breathing space

Enjoy a little breathing space with a stroll through the lounges to enjoy the benefit of what this artistically minded and international hotel family has collected over the generations. Enjoy nature, mountains and the Sognefjord from a comfortable chair in the garden. Or you can do as so many other visitors to Balestrand have done: wander right out into the national romantic scenery that has inspired painters for over a hundred years.

The special atmosphere of Kviknes Hotel is yours at no extra charge!

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