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Welcome to Kviknes Hotel - the jewel of the Sognefjord

In Balestrand, beautifully located beside the Sognefjord, lies Kviknes Hotel. The Kvikne family have been the hosts here since 1877. The hotel was built in the “Swiss” style. There have been many new buildings, reconstructions and extensions since, but none of this has altered the special character of this place. Kviknes is now a modern hotel with old-world charm and atmosphere - and with 190 guest rooms it is one of the largest tourist hotels in Norway. The hotel is graced with an extensive collection of artworks and antiques, which give it its special style.

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Find peace in Balestrand. Something happens to you when you come to Kviknes Hotel.

Kviknes lies beside the Sognefjord. The "new building" (1973) with the course and conference department (2007) behind.

Kviknes and Balestrand make a good starting point for mountain walks.

See the Høyvik Room and the chair Kaiser Wilhelm was sitting in when he received news of the outbreak of the first world war.


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